Artists and art lovers

Meet the creatives whose dazzling designs adorn the elephants of The Big Trunk Trail.

What an amazing spectacle it is to see over 30 beautifully designed giant elephants trumpeting along the free, fun and family-friendly art trail around Luton’s key landmarks, streets and open spaces, bringing together the community for one unforgettable jumbo event this summer.

Every sculpture on The Big Trunk Trail is decorated with its own piece of unique artwork – showcasing the wealth of artistic talent on offer in Luton and beyond. Find out more about each of the artists below.

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Anne-Marie is a Liverpool-born, Suffolk based artist. She has painted for many public art charity trails across the UK and auctions of her painted sculptures have raised over £90,000.   ....Read more
I am a designer who creates bespoke print designs that capture a sense of place. My artwork has a positive playful feel which is created by contrasting patterns and meaningful references to place, nat....Read more
A professional artist creating work in phases becoming inspired by new topics, exploring different styles & mediums along the way. Creations are unique one offs & no two artworks are the same.....Read more
An award-winning artist, creating notable intricate InkANIMA art using various mixed media techniques and vivid colour. Art which is a salute to nature’s beauty, mixed with inspiration from various ....Read more
I am a Birmingham based tattooist and artist, I focus mainly on sculpture painting and pet portraiture. After completing my Fine Art degree, I went on to complete my apprenticeship in tattooing and h....Read more
I graduated from Newcastle College of Art and Technology and now work as an illustrator in the advertising and film industry creating storyboards and animatics in the pre-production of TV commercials ....Read more
Kent Helen Alexander-Bristow has always had a passion for illustration and collected illustrated books. Although she did attend Middlesex University to study Applied Arts, it was her drawing that Hele....Read more
Trained as a Graphic Designer/Illustrator; now a full-time artist drawing most inspiration from the greatest designer of them all ‘Mother Nature’. An observational study of wildlife, animals and t....Read more
I am an artist who is inspired by working with people. I am an illustrator, community artist and craft tutor and specialises in getting people interested in art and to help them create their own. My i....Read more
Sian is an illustrator and mural artist based in Yorkshire whose work is bold and fun and full of humour. She is inspired by the bold and the bright, the weird and the wonderful. She is a self taught ....Read more
Kathleen designs and makes objects that are placed on the streets or public places. She has designed and painted many sculptures for trails around the UK. She also makes objects made from metal or 3D ....Read more
Lily Searle is an up-and-coming forward thinking concept artist passionate about bringing positivity into the world through creativity via as many mediums as possible. Currently studying BA Concept....Read more
Big Trunk Trail Luton 2021

Big Trunk Trail Luton 2021