Nature’s Journey Illuminated

Nature's Journey Illuminated

The Details

Name: Nature’s Journey Illuminated

Location: Wardown Park - Opposite Alexandra Avenue

Created by: Helen Alexander-Bristow

Sponsor: Luton Hoo Hotel, Golf & Spa

Design Inspiration

Nature’s Journey Illuminated by Helen Alexander-Bristow celebrates the art of nature and its journey from spring to autumn. The pond is teaming with life in the spring and summer, so this is included on one side of the elephant. The front of the elephant shows the change between summer and autumn with the autumn leaves turning orange. On the other side of the elephant is a sole swallow beginning its migration with the skies turning from blue to hazy purple. Bristow was inspired by Louis Comfort Tiffany’s artwork, especially his beautiful glass windows.

Big Trunk Trail Luton 2021

Big Trunk Trail Luton 2021