The Elephant Says ”Why Not Now?”

The Details

Name: The Elephant Says ”Why Not Now?”

Location: Cultural Quarter - Hat Factory

Created by: Mark Titchner

Sponsor: Luton BID

Design Inspiration

The Elephant Says ‘‘Why Not Now?‘‘ by Mark Titchner was inspired by a photograph of a women making camouflage netting at the ground of Luton Town Football Club during World War ll.  “I enjoyed the slightly ridiculous idea of camouflaging an elephant and I thought in turn of how during the First and Second World Wars battleships had been painted with ‘dazzle‘ patterns to conceal them from enemy bombers. The dazzle pattern for my design is based on a flowing interpretation of the words ‘Why not now?‘ and this message is also hidden upon the elephant”.

Big Trunk Trail Luton 2021

Big Trunk Trail Luton 2021